21 Megapixel

We take your wedding day very seriously at Eric Papa Productions.  Our professional photographers will capture your wedding day in stunning 21 megapixel resolution.

We photograph in both photojournalistic
and portrait photography.  We offer a variety of flexible packages to accommodate your specific needs.

We stock the most popular photo albums currently on the market.  These include TopFlight Premira, Renaissance, Album Epoca, Memory Book, and SoHo Book.

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photo catalog & rates
HD 1080P Video

We want you to remember your wedding day clearly and visibly, which is why we film and master your wedding in 1080p High Definition.  1080p HD is six times the resolution of standard definition video.

We document the most emotional, touching, and memorable moments of your day, while keeping an unobtrusive photojournalistic style.  Choose from 1, 2, or 3 camera angles.  As a standard, we include a wireless mic, professional tripod, portable lighting gear, and much more.

Special FX Editing

The powerful Avid editing systems at EPPHD are capable of creating stunning video effects, taking your wedding video to the next level!
Our work speaks for itself!

- High Impact Opening  
- Photo session video montage
- Highlights Recap  
- Motion Titling
- 3D Animated Graphics  
- Custom Music Insertion
- Fully Authored DVD Menu  
- B+W, Sepia and More
- Audio Level Balancing

Download complete wedding video catalog & rates
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