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We've Upgraded!
We've upgraded everything at EPPHD, from cameras and lenses to NLE's and software. As a company, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality product combined with a fast turnaround time and exceptional customer service.  The brushed metal design of our website was created to illustrate the resolute strength of our company.  The design is striking, powerful, and lean, as an illustration of the power, precision, and clarity of EPPHD.  Welcome to version 2.0 of
New, Modern Logo
We've gone green at Eric Papa Productions!  A sleeker, more modern logo will replace our previous EPPHD logo. The outstanding quality of our products combined with #1 customer service clearly sets Eric Papa Productions apart from the competition.  At EPPHD, the choice is clear.
Multimedia Agency

EPPHD Multimedia Agency is an innovative approach to digital content creation.  Personalized attention to every project paired with the highest quality of production tools clearly sets EPPHD apart from the competition. Innovative technology turns any project into an exciting production guaranteed to please your audience.  We're ready to work with you step by step to satisfy all of your media production needs. Take a look and see how your company can benefit by working with Eric Papa Productions.
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